Build Salesforce Campaigns At Scale 🚀

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Campaign ManagementSalesforce

Salesforce campaigns are the foundation of marketing attribution. But if it takes you four hours to build 12 campaigns needed to achieve this… then it ain’t happening. Nobody has time for that!

In this session you will learn:

  • A NEW way to build salesforce campaigns.
  • #ThinkDifferentlyWithAutomation
  • The importance of tracking links and how they work
  • About campaign structure, hierarchy, and naming conventions
  • How to tie it all together, and see it in action!Access microsite:
    Access Miro:
Stephen Stouffer

Marketing Ops 🤓 Coffee lover ☕️ Automate all the things ⚙️ Build bots to rule the world 🤖 🌎 Integrate everything 🔗

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