Building Connected Pardot Campaigns: 6 Steps For Success

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Campaign ManagementPardot

When a new marketing campaign is about to drop, marketers are usually rushing to get things set up in Pardot and live asap. However, this usually results in key elements being missed and ultimately impacts reporting for connected Salesforce campaigns.

In this session, Triana will talk you through a campaign setup checklist that will help ensure your data aligns correctly in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) and Salesforce and you don’t miss a thing!

Steps include:

  • Salesforce Campaign setup
  • Mapping out the campaign journey
  • Aligning marketing assets to your campaign
  • Considerations for offline activity
  • UTM tracking Testing that your setup is tracking correctly
Triana Jarman

“When looking at MCAE (aka Pardot) in individual businesses, it’s like a puzzle waiting to be solved. And that’s what I love doing.”

A curious, problem-solving MCAE enthusiast, who still name drops “Pardot,” Triana Jarman brings over 10 years of client-side B2B marketing experience to her role as a Senior Lead Consultant at MarCloud, the go-to for all marketing-related needs with Pardot (MCAE), Marketing Cloud and B2BMA. Triana is 3 x Salesforce certified and loves the opportunity to use her experience and passion of marketing automation to deliver business-changing solutions for marketing processes and objectives. Originally from California, Triana has been living in Bristol, England for the past 14 years and enjoys running, traveling and fussing over her two cats.

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