Disrupting Digital Fatigue with Pardot

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In today’s digital era, customers are inundated with virtual content and webinars. This can lead to the phenomenon we call “Zoom fatigue.”

Marketers want to prevent their efforts from causing Zoom fatigue. They can achieve it when they can personalize, provide smart recommendations, and surface key insights to transform their business. Additionally, sales, service, and marketing work better together when their data is on the same platform and business transforming insights are easily accessible.

A consolidated marketing automation platform is a critical tool in achieving these goals through a digital marketing program. But it’s only as good as the strategy in place. In this session, we will discover how Pardot can disrupt digital fatigue through personalization strategies.

Phil Sobzack joins the session to share how Valpak is disrupting today’s digital fatigue by using direct mail to increase digital engagement. This includes using ABM personalization for key accounts or buyers and using predictive insights to make his campaigns smarter. He goes as far as using B2BMA+ to create a dashboard on subject line engagement per campaign to really understand what messaging is working in his digital campaigns.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Trigger marketing journeys at the right moment from sales to post-sales.
  • Provide personalized and compelling emails that enhance account-based marketing (ABM) and empower sales.
  • Surface business intelligence with updated Pardot Einstein and B2BMA+ for smarter campaigns.

We will go through a digital whiteboarding session to gain perspective on what marketers are doing today to disrupt digital fatigue and explain how Pardot can conceptually help them in that journey. We will use this medium to gain customer attention and show how marketers must think outside the box.

Director of Marketing Strategy and Operations

Phillip Sobczak is the Director of Marketing Strategy and Operations at Valpak. Initiatives that fall under his oversight include marketing automation, lead generation, marketing analytics and customer acquisition and retention strategies. Prior to being promoted to the Director role at Valpak, Phil worked for an international trade association in the continuing education industry where he spearheaded a variety of global demand generation efforts. Phil brings 15 years of expert experience in MarTech, direct marketing and product marketing in the B2B space. 

Pallavi Sarup
Pardot Solution Engineer

Pallavi is a life-long learner, storyteller, and visual medium enthusiast. More specifically, she is a Pardot Solution Engineer at Salesforce based out of San Francisco. Pallavi has been at Salesforce specializing in marketing automation for 3 years. Throughout that time, she’s spoken with hundreds of marketers and watched as they transformed their organizations in 2020. Taking those learnings, she’s learned how marketers can not only drive growth in this digital era, but also break through and disrupt the digital fatigue. Beyond working with marketers, Pallavi also loves to take the time to draw, get outside, and spend time with loved ones. She is also an avid volunteer in her community.

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