Fancy Things with Query Strings

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API & IntegrationPardot

In this Session, we will uncover the power of using form handler features in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot). Using Pardot form handlers is the alternative to creating forms using Pardot iFrames. That’s because the feature allows you to have complete control over the look and feel of your form as well as other customization options you need to reach your goals.

As an outcome of this session, you’ll learn:

  • The value of using form handlers
  • Anatomy and technical components of an endpoint URL
  • Basics of an http POST and query strings
  • Best practices for working with Pardot form handlers
Brandon Walton
Cypress Learning Solutions, Inc

Brandon Walton has been a ‘Pardashian’ since 2013 and was introduced to the platform as a webmaster and ‘unofficial’ admin/consultant for a small firm. Previous to that, Brandon was a Sales executive and entrepreneur that helped small local businesses in his community get online with websites, business listing services, and payment processing solutions. Realizing that Pardot/MOP’s work was a match made in heaven, Brandon pursued becoming a consultant focused on helping small & medium-sized businesses with Pardot implementation and training.

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