How to Report on and Reassign Qualified Prospects from Pardot & Manage Re-engaged Contacts with Task Queues

As a marketer, you want to understand and share with your organization how many leads you are generating on a daily/weekly/monthly basis — whether these leads are sales qualified yet or not. With connected campaigns and Pardot data being surfaced up into Salesforce, it might make sense to push all leads into Salesforce to build reports & dashboards and share those statistics across your organization. However, the data doesn’t exist in Salesforce and will not show up in the reports if your leads are not assigned. The issue most Pardot users face when assigning all leads into Salesforce is that once assigned, the record is then owned by Salesforce and can’t be reassigned by Pardot. This becomes an issue when the lead becomes marketing qualified and needs to be followed up with by a person.

In this session, we will share a solution where we assign all non-qualified leads to a marketing queue in Salesforce for reporting purposes. This enables you to trigger a reassignment once nurtured so a sales person can reach out to the lead and convert it.

In Salesforce, leads can be assigned to queues for qualification purposes. Once converted into a contact, Pardot will not create a new lead when an existing contact engages with a new campaign. It can notify the contact owner that an existing contact has engaged with a campaign either through an email notification or a task creation. Some businesses get frustrated by this as they want the engagement with the campaign from existing customers to be seen as a “lead” who can be added to a queue that the internal sales team can qualify before passing onto the sales person. This would also allow the marketing team to report on how many MQLs they have created from their existing database. For this use case, we will leverage Salesforce tasks. We will use the Salesforce task subject line, a process and a flow to trigger in Salesforce to add the reengaged contact to a task queue with the option to automatically create an opportunity and contact role as well as add the contact to a campaign with a specific status.



October 27, 2021


1:25 pm ET – 1:50 pm ET

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Claudia Hoops
Pardot Marketing Automation & Strategy Consultant
A passionate marketer for all things digital, at Destined, a certified Salesforce partner in APAC, Claudia helps organizations to drive sales growth with Pardot marketing automation & strategy consultation.
She’s also a Certified Salesforce Instructor for Pardot and a Salesforce Marketing Champion 2021.
Pardot Practice Lead

Over sixteen years ago I started my marketing career as a ‘traditional’ marketer, where I gained excellent generalist capabilities. But in the last 8 years I’ve wholeheartedly embraced digital marketing as the way of the future. I also bring to my work a ‘ passion for the practical.’ It’s all about delivery. Every single challenge is different, so I develop a strategy to suit. Every time I start with two questions: How will we deliver it? How will we make sure it’s a success? I am also a certified Salesforce Pardot Specialist and Consultant. I sit on the Salesforce Pardot Advisory Board and have been a Salesforce Marketing Champion in 2020 and 2021.

Salesforce Consultant

Building brands and businesses with CRM and marketing automation – that’s Ling. Ling is a Salesforce 11x Certified Consultant at Destined specializing in cross-cloud solution design.

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