Leads Are People Too: The Necessity of Personalization in B2B Marketing and How to Incorporate More of It

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Hello [first name] cannot be the extent of personalization in B2B marketing. I have seen more orgs refer to leads as companies or opportunities and completely forget that there are humans behind those clicks and deals. While Marketing may be running campaigns to target Company XYZ, B2B marketers need to understand that the humans who work at the company are the real target. And those humans have preferences, habits, needs, problems and their own online ecosystems.

In this session, you’ll learn about personalizing your B2B marketing efforts in Pardot to reach real people. We’ll cover buyer roles and their usual personas (price-conscious, information gatherers, test drivers, and decision-makers) how to reach them with multi-channel touchpoints and how to track those in Pardot, how to associate them in Pardot, and how to personalize their content.

  • Grading (for buyer roles and personas) [and a custom field for persona classification based on content interaction]
  • Dynamic content based on that Persona custom field
  • Individualized data and actions using custom redirects (In email questions and social posts)
  • Personalization examples that actually move the needle (solution-based content, 1st party cookie follow-up, and keyword/contextual content using UTMs in your SEM + Pardot campaign strategy)
Fallon Chattaway
Marketing Automation Strategist
ClassPass & Individual Consultant

Fallon Chattaway is a multi-platform marketing automation strategist who specializes in digital end-to-end campaign management. After 8 years of experience owning and implementing marketing automation platforms and campaigns, she decided to complete her Master of Science in Marketing with a concentration in data science to ensure that the growing capabilities of today’s digital world would be a shiny tool in her toolbox. Fallon is a champion for connecting systems and using full-funnel metrics to optimize conversion rates. She is a Pardot Certified Specialist, has taught Pardot Bootcamps, has her LeanSix Sigma Green Belt, Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification, and more than 10 other sales, marketing and data certifications.

When she’s not behind the computer or on a zoom call discussing KPIs, Fallon spends her weekends with her 4 sons, taking them to all of their sporting events and science olympiad meets, visits local farmer’s markets with her friends, and travels with her husband whenever time allows.

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