Opportunities in Salesforce: And why you may be doing it wrong

Following up on last year’s popular Leads discussion in the “And why you may be doing it wrong,” this time we tackle Opportunities in Salesforce. Something companies commonly come up with their own definitions of when implementing Salesforce, and then struggle when their pipeline reports make little to no sense later down the road when Opportunity close rates look terrible, Lead Conversion ratios make no sense and Campaign performance reports are as good as anyone’s guess.

We’re also going to help better understand how Opportunities can be better leveraged for Pardot reports, and how to bring over important information for any segmentation/suppression lists to avoid bombarding someone in an active pipeline with prospecting emails.

In the session, key takeaways include:

  • A few entertaining stories of what are NOT Salesforce Opportunities
  • Learn how to properly leverage the Opportunities object
  • Align Salesforce and Pardot to capture good insights from Opportunity Performance (and take action on it)
  • Discover best practices on field mappings between Salesforce & Pardot
  • Discussions of Sales-Qualified Leads


October 29, 2021


1:35 pm ET – 2:00 pm ET

Skill Level


Learning Track

AdministrationFeatures & FunctionsLead Management
Enterprise Solutions Architect

Working with Salesforce since 2010, consulting for over 100 projects small and large, and with 14 certifications under his belt, Erick has focused a majority of his time working with managed services, focusing assisting organizations across the Eastern United States become more efficient, using Salesforce as the tool to deliver such efficiencies. To date, fullOpp has saved organizations over 70,000hrs as we continue to explain the use case for how to build a culture to continuously align Salesforce platforms with their respective people and processes. Erick hosts a YouTube channel called Salesforce Stories to connect with other experts sharing lessons learned in hoping to help others achieve better ways to #SalesforceResponsibly

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