Pardot Automation Rules to the Rescue

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Pardot provides most of the operations out of the box, but there are instances where we need to build processes in our own way to suit our needs. And as a Pardot admin, there are cases where you need to clean your data and manage prospects in bulk to maintain the quality of your Marketing Automation System.
Pardot Automation rules come in handy if you want to build scenarios/tasks like

  • Custom lead scoring processes
  • Segment prospects with a specific set of rules ( page visits, form submissions, tags, score, etc.)
  • Segment prospects based on field values
  • Lead management for third-party tool integrations
  • Manage Salesforce campaign members in bulk
  • Update/Reset field values in Pardot and Salesforce
  • Spam lead filters
  • …and many more!
Thimuth Amarakoon
Martech and Website Specialist

Thimuth is a versatile martech and website specialist. He is passionate about making martech and marketing operations as seamless as possible for busy marketing teams.

In his current role at WSO2, he focuses on optimizing Pardot to work with WSO2’s martech stack and to automate marketing processes. He has facilitated various integrations between Pardot and other marketing data sources to deliver data-driven, integrated campaigns.

With over 10 years of experience in web technologies, Thimuth plays a lead role in managing website optimization efforts at WSO2. This includes third-party integrations, inbound lead allocation systems, and regulatory implementations such as GDPR and CCPA.

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