Pardot Prospect Mailability: What the Makeover Means for Admins

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When it comes to email marketing, a prospect record is only as good as its mailability. In short, if you can email them, they’re more valuable to you.

Prospect mailability has become a key metric to monitor in your Pardot account, using the ‘Email opt-out’ and ‘Do not email’ fields as precious information. And Pardot prospect mailability is getting a makeover — with new fields, changing field behavior, and a whole host of data management considerations you need to take as a Pardot admin.

There’s more to this than what meets the eye. Here’s the scoop on what’s changed with Pardot mailability fields and why.

Salesforce Ben

6x certified Salesforce & Marketing Automation Consultant turned full-time Editor at Founder of The DRIP, Salesforce Marketing Champion, Co-leader of the London B2B Marketers Group.

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