Salesforce Flows 101 For Marketers

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Have you heard of Salesforce flows? Have you seen what they can do? If not, you are not alone. Flows have taken the Salesforce ecosystem by storm.

Join us as we walk you through an introduction to Salesforce Flow 101 that is tailored to the needs of marketers. We’ll cover terminology and show you quick wins to implement in your org (with the support of your Salesforce admin) to reduce friction between sales and marketing teams. You can also supplement your marketing automation with the flow ideas we will showcase during the session.

Key areas we will cover include:

  • Setting up qualification questions using on-screen flows
  • Transferring data from one field to another on the same/different object(s)
  • Triggering field updates based on specific actions




10X Salesforce and Pardot certified practice lead who loves using technology and strategy to help solve problems and exceed business goals.

I’ve had a diverse path bringing me to my current role, which evolved from a love for marketing, tech, design, data, and communication. As a former entrepreneur and lifelong learner, my experiences have given me a unique perspective and the ability to think out of the box.

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