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Pardot marketing doesn’t stop after a closed-won opportunity. Now is the time to team up with your Customer Support Team and build an onboarding journey that increases engagement through gamification.

This session is for people who want to engage new customers to learn more about the service and/or product next steps. You’ll learn how to build a strategy using website content (blogs, knowledge base, webinars, how-to guides) and use Pardot page actions to capture engagement (increase onboarding activity score).

Why do you want to do all of this? Increased engagement = increased trust = increased revenue opportunities

You’ll also learn about the Pardot Engagement Studio building process:

  • Onboarding journey (demo)
  • Engagement score grouping (badges) to get new swag/services/products
  • Template build utilizing HML and dynamic content to show current badge and score needed for next badge/step

And we’ll also provide tips for success:

  • Account-based marketing (ABM) approach with the Customer support team that recognizes how onboarding should be a combination of touches (not just digital)
  • Using Salesforce campaigns to track beyond engagement studio reporting
Kelli Meador
Salesforce Marketing Architect
Invado Solutions

Kelli Meador is a Salesforce Marketing Architect with Invado Solutions. With over a decade of successful experience in building full-cycle lead-to-revenue frameworks, Kelli specializes in unifying marketing technologies and regularly participates in the Salesforce Trailblazer community. In her free time, Kelli enjoys playing chess and walking her two dogs. She lives in Houston with her wife and son.

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