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With customers expecting highly personalized content on the channel of their choice, our data is becoming more important than ever. That’s where the Marketing Cloud Connect tool comes in.

Using the native integration between Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CRM means you can utilize the robust CRM data to enrich your marketing strategy.

You’ll gain insights from:

  • Audience segmentation
  • Journey Builder
  • CRM Analytics
  • And more

You can even use the connector to send Marketing Cloud content out from ot

Vicki Moritz-Henry
SAMA Consulting, TP&F Consultants, Freelance

Vicki is a certified instructor, architect and mom of three who loves sharing knowledge and giving back to the community. She splits her time between delivering Trailhead Academy courses and helping organizations to attain the full value out of their implementations. When she’s not geeking out on Trailhead, you can often find her hiking, with her nose in a book or chasing after the kids!

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